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Larsen provide a worldclass service with skilled leak detection teams based nationwide, for both strategic leak reduction contracts and on an 'emergency callout' basis.

Our team of Leak Detection Technicians are dedicated to delivering results and the company has an unrivaled track record in providing value for money, backed by 25-years experience in the provision of Leak Detection surveys.

The company has a fleet of custom fitted vehicles designed to equip our leak detection technicians for the requirements at every site. Each leak detection technician has a full range of Acoustic Leak Detection equipment, Step-Testing equipment, Tracer-Gas Leak Detection equipment, Pipe Tracing equipment, Data Loggers and Safety equipment.

Clients Include:

  • Local Authorities – County Council water conservation projects
  • Public Sector – Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Public Buildings
  • Industrial & Commercial– Hotels, Factories, Industrial Estates, Shopping Centres
  • Developers –new Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Group Water Schemes – Leak detection surveys on rural water networks
  • Consultant Engineers – New Developments, Water Conservation Projects

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