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Leak Detection Equipment



The L-Mic is an easy to use, low cost, electronic listening stick. It is ideal for general leak sounding operations and can be fitted with either a tripod foot or probe rods. The control unit is hand held with a trigger operation and a volume / sensitivity rotary control.
Download L-Mic Datasheet.pdf


Xmic is an advanced yet easily used Ground Microphone System designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried watermains. The Xmic system comprises of a lightweight portable amplifier module complete with battery charger, a pair of aviation quality headphones and an acoustically shielded ground microphone foot. As an optional extra, a hand held listening probe is available. This comes with a tripod foot and two probe rods for sounding in soft ground.
Download Xmic Datasheet.pdf

MicroCorr Digital +

Leak noise correlation is the most effective method of pinpointing leaks in buried pipelines. Once leakage has been localised to a particular area of the network, the correlator enables leakage staff to identify precisely where the leak is located along the pipe. In most cases the leak can then be confirmed audibly prior to excavation and repair. The new MicroCorr Digital combines the power graphics and ease of use of a PC based leak noise Correlator in a dedicated hand held unit. The unit features a high visibility colour display and advanced software including automatic 3-outstation functionality for improved pinpointing results and reduced dry holes. New radio outstations are available to give more compact packaging and portability.
Download MicroCorr Digital.pdf

DigiCall +

The DIgiCall+ correlator enhances the features of the Digicall which was produced to satisfy the demands of users who liked the idea of having a correlator that worked through a PC interface. Better graphics and faster processing speed were a popular feature of digicall. The Digicall+ brings even further benefits through use of a smaller, lighter base station and Bluetooth connection. Its more portable and easier to use. No cable connections means that the operator can use the computer at any point within range of the bluetooth- no need to carry both systems together.
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