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Data Loggers and Flow Metering Equipment


LoLog Dataloggers

LoLog is a simple cost effective datalogger available in single channel Flow, Pressure or Level variants. It is easily installed, completely submersible and powered by an internal lithium battery for up to 8 years.
Download LoLog Datasheet.pdf


MulitLog is a high specification, cost effective, multi-channel datalogger with advanced features and full remote communications options. It can be supplied as standard with up to 4 inputs to monitor any combination of digital or analogue signals. All MulitLogs variants have a battery life of at least 5 years and are submersible to IP68 standards.
Download Multilog.pdf

ChronoFLO – ‘Strap-On’ Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The ChronoFLO Rugged Transit Ultrasonic Flowmeter uses advanced digital techniques to achieve stable flow measurements even in difficult conditions and on most pipe material. It cover pipe sizes from 19 mm to 2000mm (2 metres). The long battery life of this unit allows it to operate for up to 400hrs, making it ideal for temporary flow measurement where the unit has to be left for periods of time. The meter displays volumetric flow rate, in both directions and provides digital pulse output suitable for data logging.
Download Chrono Flo.pdf


The HydrINS electromagnetic flowmeter is designed for measurement of the velocity of water in full pipes. The flowmeter can be installed in any pipeline of internal diameter from 100 mm to 8000 mm through a small tapping (1” BSP). The HydrINS has been designed for use in survey applications such as leakage monitoring, network analysis and in permanent locations. The unit is easy to, is submersible, has no moving components, and has a battery life of up 2.5 years.
Download HydrIns Datasheet.pdf